Semi Automatic
Labeling Machine

An automatic labeling machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment used in industries for the automated application of labels onto products, packaging, or containers. These machines significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in labeling processes compared to manual or semi-automatic methods. Automatic labeling machines are designed to handle high-volume production and can be integrated into existing production lines for seamless operation.

They are used in various industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive, and more. They play a crucial role in product identification, branding, compliance with labeling regulations, and overall production efficiency.


Epackso automatic labeling machines are versatile and can be employed in a variety of industries.

Food & Beverage
Household Chemicals

Epackso Semi Automatic Labeling Machines

Semi-automatic labeling machines, as their name suggests, require manual input. Epackso provides a variety of semi-automatic label applicators tailored for small businesses or individuals.

These machines, also called semi-automatic units, are electronically controlled and handle various self-adhesive labels for a wide array of products and packaging. They excel in labeling small production runs and batch numbers.

Unlike fully automatic systems, where labeling is entirely automated, operators start the labeling process on semi-automatic systems. Products are manually inserted into the machine and labeling is triggered manually before the product is removed by hand.

Epackso offers different ways to start labeling, including a two-handed operation mode where two buttons must be pressed simultaneously, or using a foot switch for initiation.

Semi Automatic Vertical Labeling Machine

Designed for efficient and precise labeling on vertical surfaces, this machine streamlines your labeling process while ensuring accuracy and consistency. Ideal for a wide range of products, it offers ease of use and versatility, making it a valuable addition to your production line.

Semi Automatic Flat Labeling Machine

Our semi-automatic flat labeling machine, designed for small to medium-scale operations, efficiently applies labels to flat surfaces such as boxes, cartons, and trays. With its user-friendly design and precise labeling capabilities, it enhances productivity and ensures consistent label placement.

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